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  • BeWide Eco Solutions

    Solar Company

    Since 2010

    BeWide Eco Solutions

    Welcome to our website  .
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    Solar Panel Poly/Mono

    Start 500 Bath

    Solar panels

    We have many brands panel and warranty years.
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    On Grid

    Solar Rooftop

    Start 50000 Bath

    On Grid System

    Or solar power grid connected system.
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    Off Grid

    Standalone System

    Start 4900 Bath

    Off Grid System

    We design to fit your needs.
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  • Battery

    DeepCycle/Litium I-on

    From 35Ah

    Battery inter brand

    This Battery for solar cell system.
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    Off Grid Inverter

    Pure/Modify Sine Wave

    Start 350W

    Off Grid Inverter

    We recommend pure sine inverter for electronics.
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    Grid tie Inverter


    From 1000W

    Grid tie Inverter

    Warranty 5 years All Brands.
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    Order 10 Units

    Euipment install

    This Mounting, Rail, Clamp, Adjustable.
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Welcome To The BeWide Eco Solutions

It is well known that we can bring the benefits of solar energy to use effectively that requiring the energy storage for Solar cell. Due to the high cost of production, we will see it in the large organization than general houses. Therefore, we are trying to reduce these obstacles and enabling consumers and the general public can access more easily.

We looking forward to give you with our best service

“จำหน่ายและติดตั้ง ระบบโซล่าเซลล์ "ทั่วประเทศไทย" ด้วยทีมงานวิศวกรคุณภาพ และบริการหลังการขายที่ดีเยียม สนใจโทร. 086-684 5046

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